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All that glitters is not silver, by Two Hills.

In Agatea it used to be that a single contract would be handed to two ninja at a time, to ensure that it was closed in a timely manner. On one of these occasions the two ninja were required to inhume a rather rich merchant who had become excess baggage to a rival. Both ninja knew that the rich merchant would stop in Bes Pelargic on his travels, so they stationed themselves outside of the city gates to wait for him.

Hours and then days passed as they waited patiently for the merchant to show himself. Finally they both spotted the trail of dust rising from an approaching caravan. Both readied themselves and were stationed in their chosen positions long before the caravan arrived.

As it came within sight of the gates the first ninja took one look at the first carriage in line and decided that it was the one. It was ornately decorated and lavishly styled. There were several guards hanging from the running boards on the sides. The first ninja decided now was his time and jumped onto the carriage as it passed, overpowering two guards and fighting his way inside rather brashly.

The second ninja, more patient than the first, took time to study the caravan in depth before deciding which carriage contained the rich merchant.

She looked at them all and then focused more closely upon the third carriage which was quite plainly decorated. However, the ninja noticed that it was placed in the middle of the caravan, and that being rather plainly decorated and apparently unguarded it would probably be the last one attacked should someone try to rob them.

Having made her decision the second ninja jumped quietly onto the third carriage and slipped inside. The rich merchant lay there slumbering wrapped in silk sheets. The second ninja quietly finished what she had come to do and slipped away in the night.

The second ninja went on to become one of the most revered. Her exploits were noticed and promotion after promotion came through.

Alas, no more can be said about the first ninja, because no more is known. He was last seen entering the first carriage.