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ChojinHotaru ChojinHotaru 11 February 2015

First Impressions

You see Hotaru here, meditating on a mat of grass. Though she's facing away from you, you get the uncanny feeling she knows you're there. She slowly raises her head, and without turning, says, "Congratulations on making it past the guards. Nokanko has been into the sake again, I imagine."

Of course she has, you think. I left it out for her myself!

Hotaru slowly rises to her feet and turns towards you. "Greetings, stranger. Please, have a seat on the bench." You hadn't expected such a warm greeting, but you join Hotaru on the bench anyway.

Sitting nearer, you notice her features for the first time. Her skin is very light for an Agatean, making her fine black hair, tied back in a ponytail, stand out. Despite the cool weather, all she's wearing …

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