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About Animals

Thee beasts nature oft determines thee potency of thee poisons, elixirs, brews and extracts.
Careful preparation of specific organs can enhance or refine thee subtleties of thee effect.
Additional components can create reagents or even further alter thee original product to a more lethal concoction.
Preparations might include grinding, pressing, steeping, heating or at times even distilling.


Birds are known as somewhat daft creatures, thus the olde phrase 'bird brain' to show someone knowne as soft in thee head.
This ancient saying is however based in truthe, as thee brain of a bird if properly prepared will induce such confusion that thee subject will be so witless as to be unable to tie their own shoelaces without catching their fingers in the knotes.


Thee deep sea blowfish has a poison sac within its body that the ingestion of will cause every part of thee body to trye to enlarge to many times its original size.
This is is both loud and explosive if you see wot I mean.
Careful extraction of this sac will result in a most deadly venemone.


Lions are very aggressive creatures, and this barbaric goes all thee way down to thee bone.
Concentrated in some body parts, thee duct of the bile is a place where most of this rage seems to be stuck.


Thee snakes found all over the Disc are both sharp of bite and cranky of mein. However once dealt with, they have a moste potente poison sac.
Thee liquid in this can combine well with some of thee more well knowne herbes to make a poisone that can suck the vitality out of any person.


Enormous giant spiders inhabit the depths of the gloomey forests. They have a poison gland of such fearsommee powar that onee bite can leave thee patient sick for many moons.
If this can be extracted safely it can be used for many a curious and odde thing.


Thee skin of thee toad has curiously hallucinogenic aspects that if carefully prepared can be applied to a person.
Thee effects are usually not strong enough without adding other herbes however.


Wolves are another rather aggressive creature that is filled to thee brim with burning rage.
Since thee wolf is different to thee lion however, thee hostility seems to be concentrated elsewhere.
Again, another olde proverb about thee heart holding thee true desires pops up, and also seemes to apply to this case.