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Contracts can be requested with Teli at the public inhumation office.

Open contracts are listed by Sec Li in the private inhumation office using view scroll. To view and close PK contracts for the Ninja you must have already closed 4 NPC contracts for the guild, be GL 175, and 10 days old.

Once a contract is closed, return to Sec Li to collect your pay. Note, the guild will take its percentage of the money owed from the amount listed.


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NPC Contracts[]

Below are the NPC contracts available from the Ninja. You may also donate money to The Struggling Poets Fund which will be used to place random NPC contracts when the fund is large enough.

Name Cost Tag
Fivespoon 15Rh fivespoon
Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala 24Rh 114s dibhala
Stavic Longbeard 66Rh 80s stavic
Serene Roses 90Rh roses
Laggy-san 125Rh laggy-san
Truckle the Uncivil 700Rh truckle
Wun Good Cuppa 900Rh cuppa
Kodattai 50Rh kodattai

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