The Ninja of Discworld Wiki

Iki banu sells a number of boxes and frames which may be decorated in the craft room. Depending on the type of decoration you choose, you may need a paintbrush, hammer, and/or pair of scissors. Fabric and paint are provided.

1. Cover[]

cover <item> with <colour> <fabric>

cover <item> with <colour> paint

Using a hammer and scissors, you can cover the box with silk, cotton, satin, or leather in a variety of colours. Apparently some fabrics are more difficult to work with than others. Paint may be used in place of fabric.

Use syntax cover to see a list of options.

2. Decorate[]

decorate <item> with a <pattern> using <colour> <decoration>

decorate <item> with a <pattern> using <colour> paint

There are a number of patterns that you can follow to decorate your case or frame, simply look at the patterns on the wall to see what's available. Decorations are found in the pots on the table and include fluff, glass beads, sequins, and glitter. The patterns can also be painted on.

Use syntax decorate to see a list of options.

3. Inscribe[]

inscribe <item> with <text> using <colour> <decoration>

inscribe <item> with <text> using <colour> paint

Finally, you may inscribe a personalized message on your object with the same types of decorations as before or with paint.

Use syntax inscribe to see a list of options.