The Ninja of Discworld Wiki

An excellent way to personalize your clothing is to embroider it with the symbol of your training using the fine embroidery thread sold by Iki Banu. You will also require an embroidery needle and a book of patterns. Iki Banu sells a book of Ninja and Agatean themed patterns. "Unpickers" are available which can be used to remove undesired embroidery if you make a mistake.

pull thread from spool
thread needle with thread
You must use an embroidery needle. A plain silver needle will not work for embroidery.

embroider text <string> on <clothing> with needle


embroider pattern from <book> on <clothing> with needle


"It's embroidery, not a novel," so if you wish to embroider text limit it to less than sixty characters. Only one piece of thread is required and it seems the difficulty is based on your skill in the language you're using. The patterns in the embroidery book require more than one thread, so multiple colors may be used. The difficulty of each pattern is generally indicated in the book.

unpick <pattern> on <clothing> with unpicker
An unpicker is very useful in removing unwanted embroideries. Note that the thread is destroyed by this process.

Iki Banu also sells squares of cloth which can be embroidered to make tapestries, and frames in which to display your tapestries in your player house. The frames can be decorated much like the gift boxes and pipe case.