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Flower arranging  requires a good eye for beauty and balance.

Once you've crafted an arranging vase in the guild's pottery workshop, you can create a beautiful arrangement of flowers in your vase.

Iki Banu has a selection of flowers freely available for arranging in a large vase in the craft room.

For the truly special occasions, white gardenias may also be inserted into the arrangement, these can be purchased from Iki Banu. The gardenia, which boasts an elegant white blossom, represents honour and finality in Agatean culture.

Arrange flowers in <vase>
Uses and possibly people.culture.agatean

Insert gardenia into arrangement
Uses covert.items.poisons, and possibly covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand

Iki Banu will grade your arrangement and provide feedback:
Present <arrangement> for inspection