The Ninja of Discworld Wiki


Bread roll 1Rh 5s
Ricecake 1Rh 30s
Plate of thin noodles 50s
Spring roll 1Rh 67s
Sesame chicken wings 2Rh 10s
Fried ginger lobster 4Rh 20s
Glass of rice beer 100s
Glass of whiskey 1Rh 80s
Glass of rice wine 1Rh 80s
Glass of brandy 2Rh 10s
Cup of orange pekoe tea 100s
Cup of green tea 100s
Cup of sweet tea 100s

Long Nudle[]

Bomb fuse 100s
Large pipette 20Rh 100s
Medium pipette 16Rh 80s
Small pipette 12Rh 60s
Tiny pipette 8Rh 40s
Teat pipettes 8Rh 40s
<colour> phial 100s
<colour> bottle 100s
Small brown glass phial 16Rh 80s

Craft Shop[]

Wooden pipe case 8Rh 40s
Picture frame 20Rh 100s
Sewing box 7Rh 60s
Jewellery box 11Rh
Rectangular gift box 11Rh 80s
Square gift box 10Rh
Claw hammer 1Rh 30s
Paintbrush 62s
Pair of sharp scissors 2Rh 60s
Pottery brush 1Rh
Pair of tongs 1Rh
Piece of potter's clay 60s
Small silver needle 100s
Embroidery needle 2Rh 60s
Embroidery pattern book 20Rh
Embroidery unpicker 2Rh 60s
Linen square 3Rh 90s
Spool of <colour> thread 5Rh 50s
Lacquered calligraphy brush 1Rh 5s
Silver dragon fountain pen 56Rh 30s
Quill 2Rh 10s
Small label 25s
Ricepaper book 12Rh
Yellow book 4Rh 70s
Red book 4Rh
Blue leather-bound book 20Rh
Blank writing paper 1Rh 80s
Rice paper pamphlet 1Rh
<Colour> ink 1Rh 5s
Pot of wallpapering glue 1Rh
Roll of blank wallpaper 8Rh 40s
Piece of blank wrapping paper 2Rh
Cotton furoshiki cloth 3Rh 40s
Silk furoshiki cloth 6Rh 80s
Marbling comb 1Rh 45s
Metal marbling tray 100Rh
White gardenia 2Rh 60s
Wooden koto 110Rh 50s
Bachi 110s
Biwa 14Rh 70s
Kotsuzumi 13Rh 90s
Bamboo flute 4Rh 70s

Clothing Shop[]

Ceremonial robe 43Rh 90s
<Colour> travelling cloak 50Rh
Black hooded cloak 115Rh
Blue cotton shirt 4Rh 45s
Smoke-coloured shirt 29Rh 20s
White haori 4Rh 45s
Embroidered shirt 4Rh 45s
Black silk akome 12Rh 60s
Tight black ninja jacket 2Rh 60s
Pair of blue cotton trousers 4Rh 45s
Pair of smoke-coloured trousers 29Rh 20s
White hakama 10Rh
Pair of embroidered trousers 4Rh 45s
Pair of loose-fitting black trousers 12Rh 60s
Pair of tight black ninja trousers 1Rh 105s
<Colour> silk cheongsam 8Rh 90s
Knee-length white silk dress 4Rh 45s
Modest blue silk dress 8Rh 90s
Knee-length blue silk dress 4Rh 70s
White cotton kyutai 8Rh 90s
Flowing yukata 14Rh 70s
Black silk kimono 30Rh
Short purple kimono 8Rh 90s
Pair of purple thigh-high stockings 1Rh 90s
Pair of black leather slip-on shoes 25Rh
Pair of padded tabi 3Rh 15s
Pair of <colour> ankle boots 29Rh 20s
Black cotton undershirt 10Rh
Pair of black cotton underpants 10Rh
Wrap-around undershirt 10Rh
Pair of white cotton panties 100s
Plain white bra 25s
Red silk garter 6Rh 80s
Dragon skin garter 6Rh 80s
Gold grasshopper bracelet 25Rh
Bronze turtle bracelet 29Rh 20s
Brass serpent bracelet 33Rh 40s
Pewter crane bracelet 37Rh 60s
Steel tiger bracelet 41Rh 80s
Silver dragon bracelet 45Rh 100s
Platinum butterfly bracelet 50Rh
Kami hari 100s
Silver bamboo hairpin 5Rh
Mirrored timepiece 40Rh
Decorative black sash 50Rh
Thick black obi 40Rh
Leather armband pouch 20Rh 100s
Blue leather satchel 17Rh 60s
Black silk carryall 20Rh
Embroidered canvas backpack 20Rh
Ninja mask 1Rh 90s
Stick of black camouflage paint 4Rh 20s
Large white towel 100s
Blackened canteen 30Rh

Equipment Shop[]

There are rumours of a Ninja shop that sells weapons and other useful equipment.
Those who claim to have found it report the following wares:

Pair of grey leather trousers 20Rh
Grey leather shirt 20Rh
Grey leather cloak 50Rh
Grey leather hat 20Rh
Pair of grey leather gloves 10Rh
Pair of grey leather boots 10Rh
Deluxe lockpick 3Rh 65s
Lockpick 1Rh 92s
Bandolier 10Rh
Hand crossbow bolt 1Rh 5s
Hand crossbow 12Rh 60s
Rubber hand crossbow bolt 100s
Rubber dart 25s
Dart 1Rh 30s
Black bamboo blowpipe 8Rh 40s
Dark shuriken 2Rh 60s
Throwing star 8Rh 90s
Blackened kunai 8Rh 90s
Long sword 2Rh 60s
Short sword 1Rh 80s
Black bokken 17Rh 10s
Blackened wakizashi 62Rh 60s
Blackened dao 62Rh 60s
Blackened ninjato 62Rh 60s
Blackened katana 68Rh 90s
Ceremonial sword 87Rh 60s

Wun Hair Bunn[]

<Colour> belt 8Rh 40s
<Colour> headband 3Rh