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Let the blossoms bloom, as told by Pretty Bonsai.

A ninja, known only as Master Tuhung, had tracked a notorious enemy of all ninja, Xuihi, to a small town. Seeing him in a local inn Tuhung quietly drew his blowpipe and prepared to fire, but Xuihi noticed him and fled out the back.

Tuhung quickly pursued him, but Xuihi had a good head start and the ninja only just saw him leaving on horseback to a nearby temple.

Tuhung took his time collecting his own horse as he thought about what to do next. It was forbidden by the Sensei to shed blood on holy ground so he could not inhume the coward Xuihi while he remained in the temple.

Arriving outside it, Tuhung saw a small grove of cherry trees and, picking a large one to sit under, decided that waiting was preferable to dishonour. Soon the minutes turned to hours and the hours to days and still Xuihi had not emerged. Tuhung was not discouraged and continued to wait patiently.

As the leaves went red and started to fall from the cherry tree he waited.

As the branches of the tree started to sag with the heavy snows of winter he waited.

As the snow melted and the first blossoms of spring burst into colour he waited.

As the leaves grew and the fruit swelled he waited.

As the cherries ripened he waited.

And one day the door of the temple opened.

And there stood Xuihi, certain that he was safe at last.

And there died Xuihi, smug smirk still on his face and a poisoned dart in his neck.