The Ninja of Discworld Wiki

The Ninja guild provides a number of ways to wrap gifts. There are wrapping papers and furoshiki cloths to be dyed, or various gift boxes to be decorated by yourself. Writing paper and wallpaper may also be dyed.

Cloths, papers, and marbling combs are available from Iki Banu. She even sells trays for dyeing now, so non-assassins may benefit from the craft.

First you will need to fill the tray with water. The tray holds two cups, or one pint. You may use a bottle, pot, bowl, etc. to fill the tray.
Fill tray from <container>

Ink is sold in a variety of places on the Disc. You may add multiple colours.
Add ink from <ink well> to tray

Possible patterns are: spike, swirl, circle, wave.
Create <pattern> pattern in tray
Uses covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand and

Dye <cloth or paper> in tray
Uses crafts.materials.dyeing

After this is done the cloth or paper will need to dry on the drying rack.
Wrap <object> in <cloth or paper>
Uses and covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand

It takes a highly trained, dextrous hand and an eye for beauty to tie the intricate knots with the cloth. Wrapping paper, however, appears to be straightforward and doesn't require a skillcheck.