The Ninja of Discworld Wiki

Your Ninja belt or headband records your successful inhumations, however it is not necessary to have it in your possession while closing the contract. They are available for sale from Wun Hair Bun on the second floor. You can review all of your closed contracts for all four branches by reading the item. They can also be used to view the Way of the Ninja at any time with the command:

meditate on the way of the ninja


Cost: 8Rh 40s

Weight: ???

They have two loops that can sheathe a ninjato, dao, wakizashi, or katana.


Cost: 3Rh

Weight: ???

While the headband does not have the utility of the belt, it will be visible even with a cloak on, costs less, and bears a unique inscription.


Only contracts closed for the Ninja count toward your belt colour.

Colour Inhumes Headband Plate Headband Inscription
Brown 0 black laquered "Seeker of Enlightenment"
Black 5 smooth metal "Loyalty, Honour, The Way"
Grey 10 bronze "Enlightener of Souls"
Purple 20 blackened iron "Swift of Hand"
Blue 30 silver circle over blackened steel "Strength"
Green 45 bronze disc "Cunning"
Yellow 60 gold "Triumph Over Adversity"
Orange 75 bronze "Relentless"
Red 100 black laquered "The Way of the Ninja"
White 125 black leather circle "Finality"
Silver 150 silver circle "Enlightened"
Platinum 200 platinum undecorated

Note that the numbers required and order of the colours has changed since the original publication of Hotaru's Ninja Niche.