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Agatean Volumes[]

Ninja Epics[]

These stories teach valuable lessons and provide inspiration to the most humble of Ninja.

The most powerful ninja - by Yan Li Tao
Let the blossoms bloom - as told by Pretty Bonsai
All that glitters is not silver - by Two Hills.


A guide to the Ninja of Agatea
A damaged journal


Our guild library also contains several poems, much of it written by players.
Ninja are encouraged to write and submit poetry after completing inhumations, passing major milestones in their lives, or simply meditating on the way of the Ninja.
It is considered polite to compose a haiku after the closing of a contract, longer poems are expected for more important targets.
Most of the best haiku make some mention of the beauty of nature.
Please put a link to any you have written in this section.

The glint of moonlight - by Master Yung of the Ninja Guild
Celebration of first contract - by an anonymous ninja.
An unsuccessful advertising campaign - The Ninja Guild
A meditation - by Mae Tehung, our first female mentor.
A respectful inhumation - by the honourable poet Lin Po
Poems from a poison pen - from the lab notes of Ri Zin Sun
A traditional tanka - by Flowering Tree
A rhyming tanka - by One Large Gong
The daily struggle to survive - by Lon Hai Hippai
Poetry and a painting - by Bubbling Brook, one of the first female ninja.
First Success  - by Samesatsu, celebrating his first closed contract.

Morporkian Volumes[]

The Ankh-Morpork guild library is an excellent resource for books about the art of making poisons. Some of its works are translated here, to aid those struggling with the language of the vampire ghosts beyond the great wall.

The Cordat
Drydon's Herbal
Book of Beasts
The Little Book of Solvents
Plants of Genua
A Page