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A solvent is a liquid that another substance dissolves in, creating a solution.
Depending on which poison you are making it can either be water, alcohol, or even acid.


Acid is a very dangerous solvent, and must be used carefully.
The main use of acid is when steeping.
The colour of the acid is very important. A substance might react with a specific colour acid, and not at all with another colour.


Alcohol is a very useful solvent, and reacts with many things.
The best alcohol to use is vodka as it gives the strongest reaction.


Water is the most popular solvent used. It is easy to use and the least dangerous.
Water reacts with most ground substances to create poisons and other mixtures.
With some specific poisons, they need a special solvent. For example, one of the poisons has a strange affinity for soapy mixtures, that can only be achieved with drain cleaner!