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Title Parts[]

There are two types of titles for each ninja: a prefix and suffix. The prefix is optional and can be set with the title command, but the suffix will always appear after your name or family name if you have one.

Prefix* Name Family Name* Suffix
Chojin Hotaru Yoko Aruki The Flying Crane



To better understand each honorific a Ninja may acquire I asked Master Yung. Below I've quoted his explanations.


"Genin are the lowest of the ninja. They have yet to prove themselves worthy of being allowed to inhume and must perform chores in order to advance."


"The Chunin are ninja who have yet to pass the Ru Noperi but are of a higher rank than Genin. They too must perform chores to advance."
You obtain the rank of Chunin once you have aquired the 'inhume' command.


"The Jounin are ninja who have displayed courage, skill and patience by successfully completing the Ru Noperi. They are considered full ninja and may take on the more difficult contracts and advance to the highest level."


"The Chojin title is granted to those who have mastered the tea ceremony. Tu For Teeh will happily grade your performance of the ceremony in the tea room."


"Karuma are those ninja whom the Sensei has appointed to this trusted position. They enforce the Sensei's rulings and undertake vendetta against those who have sinned against the ninja."


"Only the Mentors and the Sensei may use the honourific Osa."


The default suffix is a generic rank based on the ninja's training level.

Training Level Title
Genin Ninja First Rank
Chunin Ninja Second Rank
Jounin Ninja Third Rank

You may switch to animal titles, which are based on guild level, by speaking with Master Yung.

say use animal titles
say remove animal titles
Guild Level Title Description
0 - 24 Novice Ninja
25 - 49 Young Grasshopper "Too small to defend itself, the grasshopper has little choice but to hide amongst the grass and hop away from danger, as should ninja of this level."
50 - 74 Green Grasshopper
75 - 99 Agile Grasshopper
100 - 124 Cautious Turtle "The turtle is a creature of great strength and endurance, able to carry the world upon his back without complaint. Young ninja should seek to swim through life like this noble creature; they should also follow the turtle's example and hide during stressful moments."
125 - 149 Determined Turtle
150 - 174 Enduring Turtle
175 - 199 Coiled Serpent "A deadly antagonist, the serpent remains a potent heraldic sign, standing for regeneration and immortality. All ninja should learn the lethal value of toxic venom being delivered in a frenzy of sudden strikes to their victim."
200 - 224 Striking Serpent
225 - 249 Hidden Serpent
250 - 274 Flying Crane "The elegant crane is held in great esteem by the ninja. Besides being a bird of great grace and power, the crane is also a symbol of longevity... something every ninja hopes for."
275 - 299 Graceful Crane
300 - 324 Dancing Crane
325 - 349 Prowling Tiger "All ninja should value the lessons taught by the tiger. Be swift, silent, and mindful of camouflage until the instant of battle. When the ambush is set, overpower your prey with your size, your ferocity and a lightning quick strike to the jugular."
350 - 374 Wild Tiger
375 - 399 Silent Tiger
400 - 424 Noble Dragon "Representing good health, prosperous luck, and tremendous power, the sign of the dragon is a valuable symbol for any aspiring ninja master."
425 - 449 Fierce Dragon
450 - 474 Wise Dragon
475+ Quantum Butterfly "The quantum weather butterfly can affect great change and even level cities with the gentle flap of its wings. Like the butterfly, a ninja of this level is able to bring about great change with a single silent movement."

* Descriptions from Embroidery Patterns for the Modern Ninja